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Timberline Church Brand Design

Discover the dynamic brand design I crafted for Timberline Church. Through a vibrant color palette, sleek typography, and meaningful symbols, I captured the essence of their mission, creating a visual identity that speaks to their values while embracing innovation. This brand design invites all to embark on a modern journey of faith and community, embodying Timberline Church’s mission in a fresh and engaging way.

Four C Inspire Brand Identity

Explore the captivating brand makeover I orchestrated for Four C Inspire, a non-profit dedicated to nurturing students’ self-discovery, purpose-finding, and personal resilience. With a strategic blend of vibrant colors, empathetic typography, and evocative imagery, this brand redesign breathes new life into its mission. Every visual element encompasses student empowerment, inspiring growth, and fostering strength.

Original Website

Redesigned Website

Original Logo

Updated Logo

Clancy's Website UX Analysis and Redesign

Despite having a loyal customer base, Clancy’s Irish Cantina wanted to expand its reach by giving its website a much-needed update. After analyzing the results of user experience tests, the restaurant’s website was rebuilt to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and inviting.

Animas Cafe Website & Advertisement

Wanting to establish its online presence and expand its reach within the community, Animas Café needed a new website. This content-focused website was built with customers in mind to provide necessary information on the Café. To help drive traffic to the newly built website, an advertisement was designed for use on a billboard.

Avett Brothers Album Cover

The Avett Brothers are an American folk rock band. This album cover was designed in a multi-step process to capture the band’s personality while matching the artistic style of previous albums.

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